Web solution for 3D content presentation and customization


3DModelComposer allows you to create your own library of customizable 3D models - it gives your clients a way to build models for themselves.

3DMC is a web service that consists of widget you can put into your website and REST API.

What do you get?


3DModelComposer allows you to combine models from part library you've made and build complex designs out of them.


You can add a customization options to each model in library - including: shape modifiers, pose modifiers based on skeletal animations, translations & rotations -

Easy integration

3DModelComposer is modular and can easily be integrated with other services (like web shops) or extended with custom features.


Try it for free! After your trial period expires you can either share profits with us or pay a subscription fee.


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Who Are We?

Seer - an IT startup funded in April 2015. We were backed by FABulous - business accelerator in the field of IT solutions for 3D printing. We are part of FIWARE - an EU commision initiative for future internet.